Hi, I’m Lola.

Naturopath. Wife. Lover of nature.

My passion is working individually with clients and running wellness retreats in Bali, where i’ve been lucky to call my home for the past six years. 

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner-in training, and an InnerGuidance Facilitator-in training. I love understanding the root cause of dis-ease and have become fascinated by the effects of trauma in our lives and how that can manifest into physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances within our bodies. The trauma methods i have been studying offer professional support and guidance to help clients to work through trauma in gentle and effective ways. There’s nothing that lights me up more than supporting people on their healing journey. To find out more about my online sessions, click here. 

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When i first met Lola she was like a warm welcoming shining light who instantly made me feel like i could let go. Lola has a beautiful nurturing way of helping you find peace within yourself, and the confidence to implement change needed to evolve. Not only through her wonderful guidance in my physical well-being in which she has a wealth of knowledge, but also spiritual guidance that i really needed to help me move forward in my life.. Her guidance was inspiring and invaluable and i am forever grateful. Thank you Lola, you beautiful soul!

emily stephens

spending 20 days with Lola in Ubud, i got to know her pretty well. She is genuinely the most loving and caring woman full of this kind of wisdom you read about in books. I honestly think she’s born to be a spiritual leader. She’s shown me how to dive deeper into human spirit and how to listen to my body more consciously.She has helped me heal in many ways. She has helped me to step put of my comfort zone and learn to love the skin I’m in. I have a lot to thank her for.

Elayna carausu

Like many people today, I was in search of finding hope, energy and a sense of direction to regain my spirit, emotional stability and physical well-being. My time with Lola has been life changing. Her expertise, enthusiasm and attention to detail provided for an incredibly insightful experience along with teaching me new life skills to gain confidence and inspiration I needed to begin my transformation to a new ME.

Tim Fry

If you need some guidance and support, I’m here for you.

I create personalised healing transformations for each individual who is ready to take that next step in their health.

Are you ready to continue on this journey? Excited? Want to know more?

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