My journey so far...

I grew up in Tasmania, with the Tarkine rainforest as my backyard. I was brought up in a large family that involved Herbalists, Kinesiologists, Reflexologists and an incredibly talented bunch of Musicians and Artists. My parents were mostly self-sufficient, growing organic veggies and apple tree’s in the backyard. My memories of childhood flash back to manfern cubby house adventure’s and running wild in the bush land with my four sisters and a bunch of cousins. This free-spirited and simple way of living interested my curiosity into pursuing a career that focused on teaching others about healthy living practices and mind, body and soul nourishment. From humbling beginnings in the bush, it was evident that these little things that seemed so organic and natural for one to feel good in life, was not how others had been taught from a young age. They were not common practices in people’s everyday lives. I have always had a very curious and empathic nature, which led me to pursue a career that would help to bring more health and healing into the everyday regime of peoples lives. I left the little island of Tasmania when i was 18 and moved to ‘the mainland’ to Queensland to start my Naturopathy Course.

I am a fully qualified Naturopath, I completed my studies at the Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2011. Since graduating I have gained Naturopathic consulting experience in Clinics throughout Australia. Working in clinical environments, I learnt invaluable skills as a practitioner, learning how to manage and build my own practice and constantly discovering more about myself as a Health care Professional. The clinical experience helped me to grow as a practitioner and was incredibly rewarding in all aspects. However, I always felt there needed to be a more ‘hands on’ approach with my clients so I could empower and educate on how to make healthier lifestyle choices and how to fully experience our own inherent ability to heal ourselves. 

I found that the true essence of Naturopathy needed to be delivered in the right environment. To nurture oneself physically, emotionally and spiritually it is so important to be surrounded in nature and letting the body rest and repair in a safe harmonious environment. This is where my interest and passions led me to begin working in Retreat Center’s focused on detoxifying and healing the whole body.

I moved to Indonesia to pursue my career dreams in the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali- Ubud.


Professional Bio

Over the past 6 years that i have been living in Bali, one of my main areas of expertise has been the involvement of working in detox centres and running my own retreats. I have guided and facilitated over 600 individuals for 7-14 days of fasting. My role as a retreat leader has involved holding group workshops, guided meditations and movement classes, whilst also offering Naturopathic, Emotional Healing and Somatic Experiencing sessions for each guest. 

During my time in Ubud, I have Lectured on Nutrition, Fasting and Holistic Health for the School of Sacred Arts (SOSA) Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Barn.

I have been an International Speaker for The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2016 & 2018, and the Ubud Food Festival 2017, teaching Food as Medicine Workshops and Master-classes.

I am passionate and dedicated to inspiring, educating and supporting people to achieve a healthy and joyful life. I am also on my own personal journey into spirituality and mind-body medicine and I offer Intuitive Guided Healing Sessions, incorporating Reiki, Hands-On Healing massage, Sound Medicine , Breathwork and trauma release through Somatic Experiencing principles. My purpose is to serve others, and i am committed to helping others find their inner-truth and to overcome any limitations that get in the way of achieving freedom.

"Helping people to heal themselves and to sustain a healthy, and mindful lifestyle is the most important work I can do. "

Community Involvement

Ubud Food Festival

Presented a Food as Medicine Masterclass and Workshop with Founder of UFF Janet Deneefe, 2017

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

Presented a Food as Medicine Workshop with Founder of UWWF Janet Deneefe, 2018

SOSA Yoga Teacher Training

Lectured on Nutrition and Fasting for School of Sacred Arts Teacher Training 2017 at the Yoga Barn

Natural Instinct Healing Retreat Centre

Retreat Leader for 3 .5 years, in Bali and Australia