Frequently Asked Questions

All bookings can be made through Calendly. Simply choose the best day and time slot that is available for you. Once you have booked in your session, I will email you back with the connecting link for our session. During our session we will be communicating via Zoom, an online video conference service. All you need is a computer and wifi connection. I will send you the link before your session via email.

I have recently chosen to practice online after years of practicing within a clinic setting with limited hours and availability, particularly for my clients that work full-time hours, have children or cannot visit me personally.

Offering sessions online enables me to continue to provide the same naturopathic support as in-person with the bonus of being able to widen my availability.

Some people are new to online sessions. If this is you, let me reassure you that the emphasis on your session is for me to listen to your health needs and develop an individualised healing plan for you so that you can take steps towards feeling well. Zoom is a wonderful technology that enables us to do that together, no matter where we both are in the world.

Appointments are available via email enquiry. If you are outside of Bali and Australia we can arrange an appropriate time for your time zone.


Initial Naturopathic Session $150 for 90 minutes

Somatic Experiencing Session $99 for 60 minutes

Payment is made in AUD via paypal or credit card at the time of booking the session.

Once your session is booked in, I’ll send you information to fill out, then I’ll be calling you at your session time. Firstly, I’ll be asking you lots of questions! This helps me establish your current and previous health status so that I can begin developing an individualised healing plan for you. We keep it relevant to your presenting issue and where necessary may explore diet, supplement review, work/home environment, time management, relationships, creative blocks, life direction, self-care, exercise, meditation and spiritual practice. If required I may refer you to relevant pathology testing or other modalities. Most times, there’s lots to cover!

After your session I’ll be emailing you a healing plan that contains all the naturopathic recommendations and suggestions we would have chatted about + links to other goodies relevant to your healing.
I use my 14+ years of training, experience, research and intuitive guidance to select the best remedies and regimes for short and long-term issues. This may involve herbal medicines, nutritional therapy, flower essences, spiritual guidance, mindfulness practices and lifestyle changes. As for supplements, If you are living in Australia, I can create a patient ordering account for you through a service that dispenses practitioner-only supplements and delivers them within a few days. Alternatively I can recommend products you can purchase local to you. All of this information will be in your plan.

It’s all up to you! Whether you want to dive deep into your plan and follow all the guidance at once, or take it slow for the long-haul, is completely your decision. Depending on your needs, I will suggest a follow-up session which we can book in.
In your following sessions you get to discuss how things have been unfolding for you over the weeks and whether any new symptoms or life challenges have occurred. This is the best time to ask all the questions that have cropped up during this time and I am able to refine your treatment plan and provide appropriate guidance and direction.

This is individual and applies to your current situation. Most regular clients see me every 2-5 weeks depending on whether they desire spiritual guidance, supplements review, symptomatic relief or a preventative healthcare approach. But if you’re feeling well, it’s absolutely ok to see me less, say every 2-4 months to keep you on track and connected to your healing.

Great! I am so happy for you, committing to your health is one of the most self-loving gifts you can provide yourself with.

Please go to the Book a Session page and click on the link- this will direct you to my calendar where you can self select the time and day that suits you best for your session.